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Veno Brighet

Product Features:

      ·  Flexible Operation: the length of the catheter is 2.6 m, which can ensure that the catheter is always in the vasculature to flexibly perform segmental or whole stripping, and shorten the operation time.

      ·  Strong Passing Ability: special stainless steel wire spiral bundle ensures optimal flexibility and stiffness, and increases the ability for passing through vascular lesion.

      ·  Small Resistance: the polymer and its hydrophilic coating surface increase the smoothness of the catheter surface and reduce the overall resistance.

      ·  Wide Adaptation: it has stripping head with diameter of 9 mm and 12 mm which is suitable for different size vessels.

      ·  Low Risk of Surgery: special end structure design to reduce the damage to vascular, pretension connection between the stripping head and the catheter to ensure that it will not fall off during the operation.

      ·  It is suitable for exfoliation of great saphenous vein or small saphenous without complications and primary various veins or chronic venous insufficiency in patients.

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