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Quick Fenestrater
· The Quick Fenestrater is used for in situ fenestration of endografts by retrograde puncture from the supra-aortic branches.
· The diameter of the positioning stent was adjusted by controlling the positioning stent thumb drive on the conveyor handle to achieve accurate positioning. Pushing the needle thumb drive to penetrate the membrane and guiding the guidewire into the hole to establish a channel for the reconstruction of the in-situ fenestration of the branch artery on the arch.

Product Features:

·  The fusiform reticular stent can be accurately positioned during the penetration. This stent will ensure the puncture hole is in the center of the branch vessel.

·  Flexible hollow needle can adapt to complex blood vessels, and the center depth of the needle is controllable, which ensure a high penetration success rate.

·  Integrated design: the whole process of penetration can be completed quickly without the cooperation of other instruments and reduce the blocking time of branch blood flow.

·  The diameter of the position stent can be adjusted to adapt to different lumen and vessels, such as innominate artery, common carotid artery, and subclavian artery.

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